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Accountant Salary for Tax Jobs

A tax job is another way to earn an accountant salary.

Because of their abilities with numbers and money, accountants can find many other types of jobs in the financial and business world. Though all these positions require a minimum bachelor’s degree, they do not necessarily have to be in accounting. Several have pay that is higher than the average accountant salary and CPA salary. All data is as of 2012.

Budget Analysts

Budget analysts develop budgets by researching the current and future needs of organizations. They work with department managers to create individual budgets and combine the figures into a recommendation for private or public institutions. They often work with chief financial officers, chief executive officers or other top executives, to prepare annual reports and budget requests. They make a mean $72,100 per year, or $34.66 per hour.

College Teachers

College teachers instruct students at the post-secondary level. Those in accounting may cover basic spreadsheet use at junior colleges or PhD coursework at major universities. A major goal of college teachers is to reach tenure. This prevents their positions from being terminated without cause, and offers the freedom to teach controversial subjects. Those in business departments get $85,730 per year while those in economics get $97,770 annually.

Financial Analysts

Financial analysts help individuals and organizations with their investment decisions by studying economic trends and business data. Those on the buy side recommend stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other financial instruments that investors can purchase for themselves. Those on the sales side help financial sales agents pick the right investments to sell to clients. They average $89,410 per year, or $42.98 per hour.

Financial Examiners

Financial examiners review balance sheets and other monetary reports to ensure that institutions comply with relevant regulations from the local up to the federal level. They typically work for financial institutions and government agencies. They can determine the health of an organization or protect consumers for questionable business practices. They get an annual $84,220, or $40.49.

Personal Financial Advisers

Personal financial advisers help individuals with money decisions such as budgets, investments, insurance, retirement and taxes. They are typically self-employed or work with financial and insurance institutions. They may meet clients at their own homes during evenings and weekends, since these are the most convenient times for individuals. Some work on commissions of sales from financial products while others perform their task for a flat fee. They receive $90,820 yearly, or $43.66 hourly.

Tax Revenue Agents

Tax revenue agents ensure that people and businesses pay their taxes. They normally work for federal, state and local governments to collect taxes, review returns, determine amounts due, impose penalties, and audit individuals or organizations. They can specialize in areas such as multinational businesses or collecting revenue. They make $56,050 yearly, or $26.95 hourly.


U.S. Department of Labor


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  1. These are some nice alternatives, but in the same field, that accountants can choose!
    Raaj Trambadia recently posted..3 Reasons Why You Should Own Multiple DomainsMy Profile

  2. Jeremy Ruggles from Internet Marketing Tips says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us Leo. I am studying for my bachelors degree in business administration now. Do you think my degree would help me get into this field of work?


    Jeremy Ruggles @ Internet Marketing Tips recently posted..New To Blogging? Blogging Quick Start Up GuideMy Profile

    • alocsin says:

      Hi Jeremy,

      Thanks for stopping by again. A business administration degree would work but it depended on how much accounting you had in it.


  3. Naukri says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Just completed my BBA; looking for more options. :)
    Naukri recently posted..Constable/Fire Jobs at CISF June-2012My Profile

  4. Accountants can take any of those jobs. In my point of view, they are getting paid high enough to just ignore job offers like those.
    Dennis Freking recently posted..What is entrapment?My Profile

  5. Having other options for a job makes the accountancy degree look good. It gives the students and those accountants a chance to be something else aside from being an actual accountant, especially when luck does not go their way.

  6. Caderea says:

    A 94.450 $ a year salary for economics ? Why didn’t I start learning in that field… just mind boggling… I wish I could earn like half that money right about now.

  7. Lots of options when you know accounting. You can be a loan officer, too.
    Astro Gremlin recently posted..Funny Failures: Unsuccessful Exercise Machines throughout HistoryMy Profile

  8. Dendi from best writing service review says:

    Wow, they are really make good amount of money, even as a Tax Revenue Agents, someone get annual income $55,480. I live outside US, and these number of revenue really shock me out.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. says:

    that is very interesting that accountants that work at dry cleaners get paid more than accountants that work at casino hotels. I wonder why that is? Any ideas, that just seems strange. recently posted..SE MZ101B Helping Hands with Magnifying GlassMy Profile

  10. Adam says:

    there is so many careers option if having an accounting degree, but the thing to consider to get success is focus on your chosen careers.
    Adam recently posted..Business Administration CareersMy Profile

  11. EzyDog says:

    It gives the students and those accountants a chance to be something else aside from being an actual accountant, especially when luck does not go their way.

  12. Dan Robins says:

    Thanks for sharing this post as it will become useful, to me when I graduate in one and a half years.
    What looks more interesting for me is budget Analysis. Its critical to find your new work in something that interests you, as this is the first experience you achieve.
    Dan Robins recently posted..How to buy your first apartment refrigeratorMy Profile

  13. Rudy says:

    I would probably not change my current job as an accountant because all career advisors indicate that public accounting is one safest industries with more job opportunities on this economic crisis.
    Rudy recently posted..CPA Review Yaeger is The Best CPA Review On The MarketMy Profile

  14. Allen from cfa salary says:

    Also the accountants could become a chartered financial analyst
    if he pass the CFA Institute certification exams.
    Allen@cfa salary recently posted..CFA or MBA: This Guide Helps You To DecideMy Profile

  15. fatima from ECO 550 says:

    I have done MBA and would like to work as accountant but you know it’s really hard to find a job in the field you wish to work!

  16. william from pet insurance reviews says:

    As someone who went to school and got a degree to be an accountant but turned out hating it I found this very useful. Its refreshing to know that there are many other options available for me!
    william@pet insurance reviews recently posted..Healthy PawsMy Profile

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